Space is Big

Session 2

Wherein the Party helps a gang lord and fucks up

The Party meets Topper Briggs, the leader of the Razorback Gang they have been aiding. He is surrounded by several lieutenants including Sikes, Cromwell, and the merchant Taira Yoritomo. Briggs thanked the Party for their aid and asks them to help out again. He wants to launch an attack on a nearby Spire and take control of it from a rival gang. He needs the Party’s ship to ferry troops across to the Spire to act as a surprise attack from the rear. The Party agreed and Briggs sent his man Barrelien Terak along to keep an eye on the party. At the neighboring Spire, the attack seems to be going well and the Party delivered the troops lead by Cromwell as they planned on. However, the whole situation was an ambush by Mason and the Customs Agency who trapped the attacking gang members under heavy firepower and almost wiped them out. A few made it back to the Party’s ship and fled with the Party. While flying away, the Party got called by Mason who demanded an explanation for why they were actually helping the Razorbacks. The Party panicked and turned themselves into Mason along with Cromwell and the other gang members. Mason is not happy and has given the Party one hour to convince him not to lock them up for a very long time.



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