Space is Big

Session 3

Wherein the Party gets out of trouble and kills a guy named Todd and some bugs.

The Party started in prison but was let out by Mason and given the opportunity to take down Topper Briggs. Barellien Tereck knew Briggs would trust him and convinced Briggs that the mission had gone bad and the The Party was going to help him out of the mess he was in. Tereck led him to a bar where the rest of The Party waited as well as undercover agents sent by Mason. They sent the signal, the agents took down Briggs’ men and Tereck took down Briggs. They were rewarded and kindly asked to fuck off by Mason who sent them to the capitol city to talk to Alan Hoffman. Hoffman finalized their status as couriers and gave them a mission.

The party split up. Munnin Odinson, Huginn Odinson, and Barellien Tereck stayed in Block 1 to sell drugs while Nazeem Farid and Tatyana Margonavich ran men and supplies to a Perimeter Agency research site. Team Drug Dealers killed a guy named Todd, robbed him, and totally failed to actually deal any drugs and Team Bug Stomper killed a bunch of nasty bugs and got some loot.



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